About Us

Established in 2009, mallowstreet is the community for the pensions industry. We are working to solve the pensions and savings crisis by creating a centre of excellence for education and collaboration.

We built mallowstreet to help remove unnecessary barriers among disparate groups within the pensions industry and to encourage connectivity and collaboration.

The community has over 3,000 members who control over £2 trillion of pension fund assets.

Membership includes: Chief Investment Officers, Chair of Trustees, Investment Committee Members, Plan Managers, Scheme Secretaries, Member Nominated Trustees, Investment Consultants, Lawyers, Actuaries, Accountants, Specialist Advisors, Academics, Investment Bankers, Asset Managers, Hedge Fund Manager and Buy-Out Providers.

Membership Benefits

We live in extraordinary times and we believe that no one person has the right answer. But by bringing the industry together, the answers will start to surface.

Being a member of mallowstreet will give you instant access to the pensions community and provides the ideal place for you to:

  1. Build relationships: find, connect and build relationships with over 3,000 of your industry peers.
  2. Access top quality education: mallowstreet hosts a wealth of educational content, both on and offline, to help develop your understanding of the ever-changing pensions industry.
  3. Collaborate: mallowstreet harnesses the wisdom of the crowd to help you achieve your goals more efficiently.
  4. Increase your distribution: build your brand, distribute your research and share your expertise with a willing and engaged audience.

  • mallowstreet beta site launch

    mallowstreet was founded by Dawid Konotey-Ahulu and Robert Gardner. The whole idea behind mallowstreet was that Dawid and Rob wanted to create an online platform that connected the entire pension ecosystem.
  • First 100 members register on mallowstreet

    mallowstreet launched with just 25 members, and quickly reached 100 members in the first month of operation. Most of these founding members remain active today.
  • First 700 members on mallowstreet

    By August of 2010, we had 700 users of mallowstreet.com, representing 200 pension funds, which represented £500bn in pension assets.
  • First 2000 members on mallowstreet and first European members join

    In 2011, we began accepting a growing number of non-UK users from the global pensions community. By October of 2011, the mallowstreet community had 2,100 members, representing 580 pension funds managing over £1 trillion in assets.
  • Launch of mallowstreet University

    mallowstreet University is a series of events for senior professionals within the pensions industry, delivering high quality discussions and education in a fun and collaborative way. The aims of each event are:
    - To deliver highly relevant, educational talks so that trustees, pensions managers (and others), are up to date and informed in these fast changing, volatile markets; and
    - To help build relationships in the industry between pension fund trustees and providers of financial solutions.
  • mallowstreet Rocks!

    mallowstreet Rocks! is our annual charity gig where we invite the classic rockers of old to take to the stage and join us for the epic mash-up of Rock ‘n Roll and Pensions! We are pleased to say that over the past 5 years, mallowstreet Rocks has raised in excess of £75,000 for the bands’ nominated charities.
  • mallowstreet Awards

    The inaugural mallowstreet Awards Ceremony was held at Vinopolis in central London. These awards recognised the achievements of the mallowstreet community and its members, with multiple categories acknowledging individuals' online contributions and social prowess. We hosted one further Awards in 2014.
  • First International Summit in Marrakech, Morocco

    The first of the mallowstreet Educational Summits was held at the Palais Namaskar Hotel in Marrakech. We invited 25 of the top industry leaders to all come together for three days in a relaxed, educational environment to discuss the pressing issues faced by our industry.
  • Launch of ‘mallowstreet go’ in App Store

    mallowstreet launched its first mobile app ‘mallowstreet go’ in 2014. We developed the app to provide our members with quick and easy access to the latest content on mallowstreet.com, whilst on the move.
  • mallowstreet reaches 3000 members and re-launch of mallowstreet.com

    mallowstreet’s re-designed portal was launched with a re-architected backend engineering a much faster user experience. Every page of mallowstreet.com has been rebuilt in order to take advantage of new technological and design advancements available.
  • mallowstreet Solutions – Beta Launch

    mallowstreet Solutions is an online investment marketplace, providing investors with unique access to innovative, cutting-edge, niche and emerging products across all asset types. It has been called the iTunes of pensions!
  • Stuart Breyer announced as CEO

    Stuart Breyer becomes CEO to lead the next phase of the firm’s growth. Stuart was part of the mallowstreet team at launch and now spearheads a team of 12 as we look to grow our presence in the pensions community, both at home and across the globe.
  • mallowstreet launches new online learning tool for trustees: Black Belt

    Our Pension Trustee Black Belt Challenge consists of 11 short, multiple choice surveys and is designed to provide trustees with a granular appraisal of their capabilities and aptitudes when it comes to their role on the board.
  • Launch of the Indaba Series (DB and DC)

    Our new event format brings together the sought-after elements of our flagship Summit events condensed into a one-day event in central London. We hosted two Indabas in their inaugural year, one DB the other DC, both bringing together leaders in our industry to learn, collaborate and debate common issues.
  • Shortlisted for Educational Initiative of the Year (Professional Pensions)

    At the heart of mallowstreet is our mission: to help solve the pensions and savings crisis. We aim to provide knowledge and insight to trustees and the wider institutional pensions industry and we are thrilled that our initiatives, including the Trustee Blackbelt Challenge, were acknowledged by Professional Pensions.
  • New content milestone: 1,700 unique posts in the blogs, papers and videos libraries in one year

    As our community continues to grow, it’s important that engagement levels also increase. In the year to June 2017, we reached record levels of content being shared on mallowstreet.com – 1,700 unique posts.
  • PMI Accreditation

    Both the mallowstreet.com online platform and our portfolio of educational events received PMI accreditation, further enhancing mallowstreet’s ongoing quest to be the centre of excellence for learning and understanding in the institutional pensions industry.
  • The Feed is launched

    We completely redesigned the mallowstreet community portal to put the community’s content front and centre, enabling members to connect and build relationships based on their areas of interest. The Feed, simply, is all about the ideas, thoughts and responses to what is happening in the industry, as it happens.
  • mallowstreet team expands

    Over the past six months, four new staff members have joined the team, each of them bringing their own areas of expertise. Sandra Wolf joined as Editor, Sam Rossiter as Investor Relations Manager, Yarna Elms as Client Services Administrator and Tom Peterson as Digital Engagement Manager.